Puget Sound Charitable Grants


The Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation is a private foundation created in 1976 by the Will of Norman S. Archibald to be perpetually operated exclusively for the benefit of qualified non-profit charitable organizations serving the needs of Northwest Washington.


The Foundation is governed by Directors active in the community and having experience in the law, accounting, banking and financial markets. The Directors manage the Foundation’s assets and the cost of operations to achieve superior long term financial results consistent with an acceptable level of risk.  The objective is to provide an ongoing source of current grant funding and the maintenance of adequate reserves to cushion the impact on its resources of unforeseen changes in financial markets while maintaining the purchasing power of the Foundation’s assets.


The Foundation annually funds two categories of non-profit charitable organizations that together provide tangible support for urgent needs to improve the quality of life for residents of Northwest Washington. The categories funded are:

  • A limited group of prequalified somewhat larger recurring Core grants that are funded annually over an extended period of time. The Foundation has identified these core community organizations to be deserving of ongoing support. Changes to this group of organizations are infrequent.
  • A number of smaller annual grants which in total are affordable to the Foundation while reaching significant numbers of agencies in need. These grants are individually smaller dollar awards but they fill an important need for meaningful numbers of organizations.


The Foundation contributions support programs providing community services to youth, the elderly and/or disabled, including medical services and research and to organizations supporting education, the environment, museums and the arts.

Grants typically are not made for normal ongoing operations or programs; debt retirement or operational deficits; contributions to endowment or scholarship funds; or for conduit organizations that pass funds on to organizations not tax-exempt in their own right.

The Foundation strives to communicate effectively with grant seekers and grant recipients. This web site is intended to increase the useful information for those persons. If you need further information please contact us as described in the Contact Us section of this web site.